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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence in Car Wash Chemicals and Car Wash Construction

More Than Car Wash Chemicals...

EDJ Chemicals has decades of experience in the car wash industry.  From the perspective of the specialty chemicals that are essential to operating a successful wash, to the design and contracting skills for building a car wash from the ground-up, Ed Janusz and Raquel Koche bring expertise that makes the difference to your car wash business.

EDJ Chemicals has built and renovated dozens of car washes across the USA.  From consulting, selecting your site all the way to renovation and repair, we are here to help you build your car wash business from the ground up and keep it running for years to come. 

Consulting, Construction, & Renovation

  •   Site Selection
    •   Equipment Specifications
      •   Traffic Counts

        •   Demographics
          •   Complete Equipment Drawings
            •   Quotations for Financing

              •   Installation
                •   Service / Repair / Renovation
                  •   Consulting