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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence in Car Wash Chemicals and Car Wash Construction


EDJ Chemicals has built and renovated dozens of car washes across the USA.  From consulting, selecting your site all the way to renovation and repair, we are here to help you build your car wash business from the ground up and keep it running for years to come. 


Let's Build a Car Wash!

How do we begin? Start with experienced professionals. EDJ is here to help you fulfill your goal of building a car wash, by planning all the steps in the entire process. Let us hear your goals, your vision, your worries, your questions, and everything in-between. We know the experts in the business to get the job done efficiently.

Why EDJ?
With decades of experience in the car wash industry, we bring our perspective of the specialty chemicals that are essential to operating a successful wash, and the design and contracting skills for building a car wash from the ground-up.

  •   Site Selection
    •   Equipment Specifications
      •   Traffic Counts

        •   Demographics
          •   Complete Equipment Drawings
            •   Quotations for Financing

              •   Installation
                •   Service / Repair / Renovation
                  •   Consulting

                    Car Wash Building Process

                    The main steps of building a car wash are the same, but there are many factors that can affect the process. We're here to assist you with the entire planning and development process from beginning to end. You'll need to identify your construction site taking into account the aspects of traffic counts, demographics, and more. We'll recommend a team of experts including contractor, engineers to develop site plans, and the right construction crew.